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Plexus reset

It's a 3-day, nutritionally supported fast that helps you reset your metabolism so you can support your wellness goals and set the stage for maximum results!

Did you know?

• A growing body of evidence suggests that a supported fast helps reset your metabolism, allowing your body to primarily utilize fat as the preferred fuel source and preserve lean muscle tissue.

• Growing evidence suggests the modern Western diet (defined as high intake of saturated fats, processed sugars and salt, and low intake of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables) negatively impacts your metabolic efficiency and disrupts the balance of your gut microbiome.


• American adults consume an average of 77 grams of sugar per day. This is more than 3 times the recommended amount for women and adds up to around 60 pounds of added sugar annually.


In February of this year I didn’t recognize myself. I had let unhealthy habits, emotional eating, and just plain laziness take over. It took me a minute to swallow my pride, get ahold of myself, and start making small decisions daily that got me back on track. 

Things I changed starting Feb 20.

• Increased water.
• Started small dumbbell workouts.
• Started reading The Slight Edge.
• Stopped eating sugar (candy and carbs)
• Changed up supplement routine
• Logged food on my fitness pal
• Added accountability and support in admitting my weaknesses and asked for help

May 1 - I started a 3 day RESET as a tester. I felt motivated to take the next step in my healthy habits and was eager to get a jumpstart towards my huge goals. 

I was shocked at the results and quickly realized this would be a tool that would help me gain control over my food issues and habits.

June 1 - Old mindset lies and justification started creeping in for using food as a reward. A few too many meals out with graduation celebrations and I started to feel weak in my decision making and focus.

June 7 - Time to RESET with an entire pre-convention test group leading up to our launch.

More fascinating lessons learned about myself and my body. More fantastic results. Back on track and feeling myself with confidence and motivation to stay on track. 

As I near the end of my 4th reset I’m feeling ecstatic that the company I love has developed something so incredible. I’ve averaged 6 pounds lost for each Reset and kept it off within a pound.

Don’t read into any post that seems to say this is fast & easy weight loss. This is hard. The journey is hard. The daily boring decisions are hard. Showing up for myself behind the scenes is hard. Saying no to sugar is hard. Not overeating is hard. Meal prepping is hard. Pushing away food when I’m full is hard. 
This is work!! But it’s worth it!! I needed a RESET in so many ways!! 


So here’s my thoughts.

-Call me
-Buy the Reset
-Commit to doing the work
-Read the slight edge
-Say yes to your best self
-Say no to what has gotten you where you don’t want to be
-Don’t expect a quick fix
-Stay open to the possibilities of a journey that will require a regular reset and coaching 
-Know that each person has different circumstances that they will need to work through and it will be a challenge no matter how “healthy” you feel.

I’m here to walk this with you!

Let’s do this together!

What it is:

• Help restore balance to your system while providing your body with optimal nourishment for enhanced results.

• The System works at the cellular level to help revitalize, refresh, and restore balance to your body with premium products.

New Project.png

What makes it special?

Supports a healthy cellular metabolism to set the stage for healthy weight management, a balanced gut microbiome, and a renewed commitment to nutritious eating.


Primary Benefits + Features

• Promotes metabolic reset to stage your body to tackle your weight management and support your overall health journey

• Promotes healthy cellular metabolism

• Supports the breakdown of stored fat

• Equips the body to burn fat as an energy source


• Supports conversion of fat to energy

Who should use Plexus Reset?

Reset is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, effective plan that helps reset their system to kickstart their wellness routine and prime their body for rapid results.

Below are REAL results from REAL people! The average person lost 6lbs over the 3 days!




If you want a metabolism reset to jumpstart or re-jumpstart your health journey, DM me for more info over on my Instagram OR click below to get yours ordered and get started!!



*Disclaimer: Scientific research suggests various fasting programs can promote weight-loss in healthy adults up to 6 pounds in 3 days. Clinical research on Plexus Reset is ongoing to confirm these preliminary findings. Individual results will vary based on starting point and commitment to program. Extreme weight-loss results are not typical.

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