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Hi, I'm Sara!

As a little girl I always knew I wanted to help people. When I was 8 I decided I would be a nurse and never changed my mind.

I went to nursing school and started a career that I LOVED! 

Nice to meet you, friend

As an ICU nurse, I met my future husband, also a nurse. We got married and he decided to pursue a master’s degree in anesthesia. We quickly found ourselves living the “American Dream” that included shift work, (long nights, weekends, holidays at the hospital) and of course the nursing school and graduate school student loan debt, the new house, kids, the mini van…all of it. Over time, we started wondering if this was everything we had hoped for. We were tired. I was struggling with some health issues that got in the way of me being the best wife and mom I could be.


Fast forward to accidentally stumbling on a new way to “work” through building a community of like minded individuals and sharing what we love. I found some wellness products that changed my life and a group of people that are supportive, encouraging, and goal getters! My desire to help people has never changed. How I fulfill that dream, has just shifted to a new path. As a retired nurse, I now have the opportunity to choose my hours while working from home, show up daily for my 3 boys, and be the best version of myself as a wife and mom.

 If you’ve stumbled on this page, I am grateful you are here. Sit back, look around and let’s connect! I love meeting new friends and sharing my passion for wellness, family, personal growth, and so much more!

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