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Angel house orphanage


Our Angel House opened its doors in June of 2014 to 25 precious angels.

Every single month, John Marble & myself send all of our monthly bonuses plus some to support these kids that are ours. In June of 2019, I received a call that was truly more than I could imagine.

Due to the abundance of support from our team as well as faithful guardian angel sponsors, Jay & Cindy Ellis Jenkins and Thomas & Eva Howarth, an entire third story was added to our rescue orphanage.

26 additional children were rescued and given a safe place to call home. They are fed, kept safe, and given an education as well as learning about Jesus!

We now have a home for 51 
precious angels that
we fully fund and support as a team!


In 2018, I was humbled and honored to be the chosen recipient for our companies One Plexus Award. I knew immediately that my partnership with Angel House would again be where I would look to send extra blessings.

I am so grateful for a company that believes in giving back and doing more and it is my honor and privilege to be able to say that thanks to the One Plexus Award donation, we were able to dig and open a fresh water well to provide drinking water for a village in India. The well was completed in August of 2019 and these pictures of these precious faces enjoying safe and clean drinking water bring the biggest smile to my face.

"When you are blessed, be a blessing."
Thank you Plexus for being a legacy company that is truly changing the world.


If you would like to follow along and see updates on our Angel House, you can follow my Facebook Page here:

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